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Gay Text Games Is Coming with The Hottest Erotica Stories

If you’re into erotica, but you also like visual porn, you can now combine them and add a bit of interactivity on top with this new collection of hardcore xxx games of our new site. Suggestively named Gay Text Games, we are coming with lots of text-based porn games and other RPG adult games which are relying on story to give you the most immersive experience that the world of porn has to offer. These games will bring you dirty sex action, but they will also bring you plot lines and characters with whom you can identify yourself and through which you can fulfill some of the wildest fantasies in the virtual world.

The games that we have on this site are coming from the new generation of HTML5, which means better graphics, a more complex gameplay and algorithms that will make the story progress based on the choices you make along the way. Basically, every game on this site is coming with multiple endings. And because of that, the collection of our site has a huge replay value. You can enjoy all of our games for free right now, directly in your browser, with no hassle and no registration. Let’s take a stroll through our library of games and check out all the kinks we prepared for you.

These Stories Will Change Your Perspective On Porn

Back in the days, before camera and screens were invented, the porn used to come in the form of stories. And we are trying to revive that practice with games that will combine great story telling with awesome visual effects through video game graphics. The games we have here are the result of collaborations between developers and erotica writers. The stories will feel real and you will be immersed in them because of the very fact that the dialogue and the plot lines were written by experienced writers.

And there are so many stories you can enjoy on Gay Text Games. If you want something sweet, we have first time gay experiences featuring all kinds of men and romantic gay couples enjoying life together. But we also have dirtier games too, bringing you in the middle of incest entanglements, rape fantasies and slave training sessions. We are also featuring some fantasy stories, with adventures involving vampires, werewolves, aliens and all kinds of other mythical creatures. And we even feature a parody porn games category, which in this case is called fanfiction, featuring reinterpretations of popular sagas as gay porn lore.

When it comes to gameplay, the Gay Text Games are not like those old school text games we’ve been playing in the 90s. They feel more like a graphic novel in which you will also enjoy the sex scenes as interactive gameplay. Most of the times, you will be playing from the perspective of the main character and you’ll get to impose your personality and taste on him along the way by making decisions that really matter. As mentioned before, the games are coming with multiple endings, which means that if you like a game, you can start it over with a different mindset and kink intentions, and you’ll achieve a different adventure.

Easy To Game, Easy To Navigate

Since this collection of gay text games is straight forward, the website on which we offer the games is also simple and efficient. We don’t waste your time with features you’ll never use. The most important tools on our site are the browsing ones, because they will help you find the right game in the massive library. We tagged all the games with the kinks and types of characters you’ll find in them, so using the search bar to search for gay specific porn keywords is actually efficient. Other features of our site that you’ll find handy will be the rating buttons and the comment sections. We have a community of players that loves to interact with each other, and you’ll be more than welcome to join the kink threads.

As mentioned above, our site won’t make you register before playing the games, and that’s also true in the case of the comment sections. Everything is open for visitors as long as they’re over 18 years old.

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